I grew up in a cliche-type of family, I was taught to preach the word of the Lord. I was taught how to ride a bike in a young age. I was taught to respect the elderly. I was taught to help people in need. It wasn’t really that bad growing up in my household. We respected other religions, opinions and sexuality. As I start to age, I realized that I was really a boyish girl, more like a tomboy as they call it. My parents and friends never really mind of what my sexuality was, as long as my attitude stays the same, or even improve, not decrease.

I fall in love. I break my heart sometimes, But I’ll keep going on, like a normal person would do. It doesn’t mean that I am a bisexual, means I don’t live a normal life.

There’s not much of a story about why I created this. I just decided to make a blog to guide different persons about the lifestyle here in the Philippines. I create reviews about food parks or restaurants. Sometimes I also review products from a range of online shops.