Cheap cases? Check this out!

We’re always on the search to find something to protect our beloved possessions, our phones.  Well if you want to find some cheap cases, check this out :IMG_5152.jpg


Who doesn’t love fashionable cases? I don’t think anyone could resist it especially for its very affordable price! (And of course, its quality)

@cutratemnl is an ig shop based in Valenzuela city, Philippines. They sell Phone accessories mainly. I really do think that their cases are worth the price, and i’ve tested the durability and I am really satisfied with it. The sides of my phone case has this matte effect to it, and the main design on the top is really glossy.  It really does the job protecting my phone from unwanted scratches and of course stops it from breaking whenever I drop it.


This one is really worth checking out! They have other cases better than this here are their details :

Instagram –

Twitter –

Phone number – 0995 984 3525


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