Stylish and Durable(But for cheap!)

These days, buying yourself things really costs too much. Thank God I found a shop online who sells really high quality products but for a really low price. If you’re a cheapskate but really needs new things, this is for you!


Pluggedinph is a store located in Zamboanga, they mainly sell bags, caps, turbans and clothing. This Korean Candy Leather Pouch costs just 159 Pesos! I can’t even believe I get that kind of quality in such a low price. The size of the pouch is actually really spacious, I could fit my phone(iPhone 6+), money and my cards(atm card, I.D, etc..).


Another really worth it product to buy from them is this “Small Korean Simple Tassel Sling bag”, Which only costs 199 Pesos, yes, 199 pesos! I know it was a really affordable price for a stylish looking bag. I could also fit my phone and a small wallet.


Lastly, this is my favorite one. They sell this KJM lip tint that is actually worth its price, Because other stores sells it for 130-150 Pesos. It lasts long, and for me who doesn’t want to spend to spend time to put make-up on. This is the best thing for me, in my opinion. The Pink Puff also had the right redness or tint that I needed. Thumbs up for me.

Contact @pluggedinph

Instagram :

Contact : 09562392273



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