7 unappreciated places in the Philippines.

I must say that my country is a really beautiful place. You could visit various places, and we have 7,107 islands! Palawan, Boracay or Cebu aren’t the only beautiful areas here. Check out these places, while its natural beauty still remains :

7 unappreciated places in the ph.jpg

1. Jomalig, Quezon

Jomalig 2016

Jomalig is a hidden gem here in the province of Quezon. Its located near the islands of Polilio. It takes about 6 hours to get there by sea, But if you want to go a little bit fancy, You could get yourself a helicopter to fly you there, It only takes 40 minutes. If you actually look up Jomalig’s Satellite image, you could clearly see its white sand beaches and blue sea surrounding it. You could find places to sleep for cheap! Some only costs about 500 pesos a night.

2. Enchanted River, Surigao


Surigao truly is a majestic place. Its untouched beauty is the reason people are starting to get drawn about. The Enchanted river, It looks like an endless pool, but natural. Surigao is located on the northern part of Mindanao.

3. Nagasa Cove, Zambales


Nagasa Cove is facing the open waters of South China sea/West Philippine sea(whichever you fancy). Many visitors set up a tent along the shores to experience the view throughout the whole stay. There are lots of activities to do, such as Kayaking and climbing hills.

4. Pulong Pasig, Quezon

1 (1)

Pulong Pasig, is located at the city of Calauag in Quezon. This place is literally just a sandbar, but the thing is, whenever its high tide, its not visible. So most tourists heads here whenever its low tide, to enjoy the scenery. You could go here by renting a boat to give you a ride, it doesn’t cost that much.

5. Pawa Mangrove Park, Masbate



If you want a time to just relax and think about life, You can enjoy a 1.3km boardwalk while staring at the views. This place is perfect for you.

6. Pinatubo Crater, Tarlac


Before the eruption of Mt.Pinatubo, The place was surrounded by Aetas and it was considered such a beautiful area. June 15, 1991 it was recorded as the second-largest eruption in the 20th century. It produced tons and tons of ashes, and the effect of it was felt worldwide. But today, this place is considered as a “beautiful disaster”(yes I got that from a movie) We could clearly see why.

7. Mayon Volcano, Albay


Mayon Volcano is famous for its “perfect cone” shape. It is located in the highest point of the region, Albay. The structure you could see on the right, was actually a church. It was destroyed after several eruptions of the volcano. Today, it’s still gaining attention from all over the country.


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