Life lessons I would never forget.

We all have that one crazy experience that we will never forget, some examples are : getting your first puppy, cutting classes for the first time, death of a love one, or even the closest encounter you had with deat

h. Those experiences makes you remember them so much because of how you felt. Here are some life events that thought me well growing up :

10 life lessons I will never forget1. Not everybody is going to like you

Different people. Different perspectives, sometimes the good things you do, would look bad to other persons. You don’t need to convince everyone about your life. As long as you’re happy with what you do, other’s opinions shouldn’t bother you.

2. If you have an opportunity, grab it.

Not all of us are fortunate to get an opportunity to get a step closer to our dreams, and if you do get a great opportunity that you know would help you throughout your career or your life, grab it. You’re lucky enough to have one.

3. Worrying about what’s next, never helps.

Worrying just messes up with your mood and happiness. Instead, make yourself busy and stay positive on whats coming up. Your life isn’t a scripted movie, but i’m sure you’ll have a happy ending.

4. Take the risk.

I know that taking risks might be scary. But trust me, it will be worth it. You might not be fortunate to take a risk that heads you to a great direction, but at least it headed you into a great life lesson.

5. Be who you want to be.

This is a little bit similar to number one. But being who you want to be deals with the way you want to live, the person you wanna become and don’t want to be. It’s important to be a positive kind of person, I promise it would get you through most of your problems.

6. Being sad, It’s normal.

We’ve all been to our breaking point, the part of life where you just don’t want to continue. Being sad is normal, but you need to get back up. Our bodies are self-healing, that means, you’re the only person who can cure your emotional status too. It’s okay to cry everything out sometimes.

7. Time will fix 99% percent of your problems.

Time flies so fast, problems too. I remember having a problem last year that was such a big deal to me, but now, I rarely think about it and get affected. The truth is, as time passes by, you won’t deal with the same kind of problems you had before.

8. Toxic persons will always try to bring you down.

Always remember that if a person is trying to bring you down, you are already above them. Ignore the bad vibes. Just surround yourself with good people, don’t let them affect you.

9. Failure are your best teachers.

We have our parents, grandfathers or grandmothers, siblings to teach or rather, guide us about our future. But our failures are better teachers than them, our parents went through a different kind of life, you will too.

10. Don’t rush into life.

Our lives have its own way to teach us about it, just go with the flow. Enjoy your youth. Do things you love.



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